Rihanna Reportedly Has 10 New Songs for Upcoming Album

Rihanna's next album might be a lot closer than we expect, according to Dash Radio's DJ Skee.

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Looks like the rumors that Rihanna's been secretly working on her next album might actually be true. During DJ Skee's weekend update on Dash Radio, he announced that Rihanna allegedly debuted ten new records for label executives in NYC last night. "That project is a lot closer than anyone realized, including her own record label," he said, and might even be hitting before the end of the year. Skee revealed a possible (and very dramatic) title for the first single: "I've Been Searching for Something to Ignite Me When I'm Alone." Fingers crossed.

That's not all! Skee also revealed that there may be a new Beyoncé single as soon as next week, called either "7/11" or "Ring Off," from the upcoming platinum edition of her Beyoncé album; he hinted at it sounding along the lines of "Partition." Check out his update below.

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