Deep Cut: Mic Terror f/ Lucci Vee "No Panties"

Weighing in on Mic Terror's "15 Minutes," a return to an older era in sexual attitudes.

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Album:Fresh Prince Of Darkness
Producer: YOG$

Another Deep Cut from Chicago's Mic Terror, whose latest single "15 Minutes" was featured in last friday's weekly round up. This time, Mic hearkens back to the aquatic Auto-Tuned sex-rap of "Going" from his Can I Borrow A Feeling mixtape with "No Panties," a battle-of-the sexes track with fellow Treated Crew affiliate Lucci Vee.

Before Lil Wayne made cunnilingus not only acceptable but de rigueur, rappers had a much less-enlightened approach to oral sex. "No Panties" finds Mic returning to that pre-Wayne era of Grand Puba's "She said 69, I said 68 and I'll owe you one" approach to eating pussy on the first verse, until Lucci evens the score for the sisterhood in her verse by admitting she enjoys breaking dudes hearts by fucking them once and then ignoring them. "No Panties" then ends in a truce of erotic discourse with Mic and Lucci both bagging themselves 3-sums so they and, indeed, we can all leave the song happy.

There's also a couple of other cuts from Fresh Prince Of Darkness you're living your life in false happiness without: "Get Off My Dick"—everything good about King Louie's "Band Nation," "Juke Dat Girl" by DJ Gant-Man and Mic's own "Get Off" in a single song; and "N.W.G"—a track dealing with AmeriKKKa's relationship with firearms that doesn't come across as the audio equivalent of eating broccoli.

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