Young Thug’s Lawyer Wants to Remove Codefendant YSL Polo From RICO Trial Over 'Unprofessional' Conduct in Court

YSL Polo has been showing erratic behavior in the courtroom during the trial.

(Photo by Paras Griffin / Getty Images)

Young Thug’s lawyer, Brian Steel, has filed a motion to remove codefendant YSL Polo from the ongoing RICO trial due to his unprofessional behavior in the courtroom throughout hearings.

According to court documents obtained by XXL, Steel filed the motion on Friday to have YSL Polo removed from the RICO trial due to his actions inside the courtroom that include "using movements with his hands, threatening the prosecutors as well as the jurors. Steel claimed those actions will affect "Thug's constitutional right to a fair trial that is not prejudiced."

Polo’s actions during a hearing with his lawyer Suri Chadha Jimenez on August 31 was mentioned in the court documents. In footage from the hearing, Polo can be seen acting erratically by moving his hands and making several gestures with his head.

Next week, Judge Ural Glanville and Jimenez will meet at another hearing to assess the competency of YSL Polo. Judge Glanville has stated he doesn’t believe YSL Polo is seeking attention with his behavior as another judge has brought it up. 

In July, Young Thug’s lawyer filed a motion to have information about the arrest of YSL codefendant Shannon "SB" Stillwell removed from the trial. Stillwell was arrested in March 2022 during a goat sacrifice ritual, and Thugga’s lawyer argued that there was no real reason to bring up SB’s religious beliefs during the trial.

There’s no confirmation if SB is still a practitioner of Voodoo. According to WSB-TV journalist Michael Seiden, the animal rituals included "worshippers wear all-white and sacrifice goats in an effort to bring forth loa, which help to run the universe and can grant blessings."

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