Tyler, the Creator Reacts to Alchemist’s Criticism of Rappers Performing Over Vocals: ‘It’s Only a Few That Care’

Alchemist made the comments on the latest episode of Complex's 'GOAT Talk.' The episode also featured Earl Sweatshirt.

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Tyler, the Creator has agreed with The Alchemist's comments about rappers needing to learn their songs instead of using backing vocals during live shows. 

In the latest episode of GOAT Talk with Complex, Alc sat with Earl Sweatshirt, and they discussed some of the greatest and worst things of all time. One particular question that came up was "woat trend in rap" which the legendary producer claimed was rappers who don't even bother rapping without backing vocals.

"Rapping over your fucking lyrics on stage," Alchemist said. "I don't know who started this like.... I'm just going to say, like, I want to hear your voice. You're an entertainer, take your vocals out of the beats and rap on the beats for Christ's sake. It's the ground floor of hip-hop. You can be experimental, go all out, change the game, but can we at least not lip sync?" 

Sweatshirt chimed in to say that artists aren't writing their lyrics anymore, but it's not necessarily a bad thing, as people coming up in the game are learning other aspects of music and looking to create the next big thing in the genre. However, he still said, "You should try to learn your songs."

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Tyler, the Creator commented under an Instagram post that shared Alchemist's quotes and let it be known that a lot of people aren't really seeing real performances from these artists who are just "jumping up and down." According to Tyler, it happens on the lyrical end too where rappers can come off "boring."

"AND folks who say people are good performers because its a bunch of sweaty kids jumping up and down, but the artist isnt actually giving a PERFORMANCE," he wrote. "808s and heavy lowend does not me[an] GOOD PERFORMANCE. same with just being able to rap every word that can be boring and not entertaining. i hope its getting better in the performing realm cause its only a few that care."

Rappers performing with backing vocals have become more frequent, especially with this generation of hip-hop connoisseurs who would rather mosh at concerts. Most artists would rather join in the vibe than give fans a show. 

This isn't the only time Tyler spoke on something and advised how changes could make it better. In a recent tweet, Tyler suggested how YouTube could be a better service

"[I'm] paying for premium stop showing me 'shorts' if i wanted tiktok i would get one," Tyler wrote. "[M]ake a setting option where shorts dont show up at all...and what happened to the search bar? yall show 6 results then show trending or results that has NOTHING to do with my search." 

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