Sleepy Hallow Shares New Song and Video "Pain Talk" f/ Lil Tjay Following Conspiracy Charges

The single arrives a week after Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G were among 32 alleged gang members charged in a 140-count indictment.

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Sleepy Hallow isn’t letting his legal troubles stop him from pushing through with his musical output thanks to the release of his new single and video “Pain Talk” featuring Lil Tjay

The release came on Wednesday and sees the New York artists rapping about the pain and constant anxiety they go through, accompanied by a guitar-heavy bass beat produced by longtime collaborator Great John. The visual is directed by Picture Perfect.

“Feel like me and the judge in the race/If I crash, she gon' lock me away/Got a Perc, I might pop it today/Said I'd stop but I'm stuck in my ways/And I work like I'm tryna get a raise," Hallow raps. "She said, ‘If you loved me, then you would've stayed’/I know what she feelin', that's played/I ain't really tryna bring you pain/Would you love me if I was a lame?”

Tjay tags himself in on the second verse, rapping, “Ain't nobody think Tjay'll stick, couldn't pay 'em no mind, I know/Industry won't acknowledge my gift so fuck 'em n***as, I'm just here for my dough/First, I'm gettin' six figures on stage, checkbooks lookin' like there's a typo/Woke up one day, my pockets was flat, the next day look like I just gave 'em lightbulbs.”

Stream "Pain Talk" featuring Lil Tjay below, and catch the music video up top.

The new single arrives a week after Sleepy Hallow, Sheff G, and 30 alleged gang members were arrested and charged in a 140-count indictment accusing them of offering money and jewelry in exchange for committing acts of violence against rival gang members. Shortly after the announcement, Hallow took to his Instagram Stories to claim he and Sheff are not guilty. 

"Don't believe the internet," Sleepy Hallow wrote. "We innocent."

Despite claiming they’re innocent, Sleepy and Sheff’s legal issues took another turn when they were also accused of using pig Latin in phone conversations to describe crimes and avoid being caught by authorities.

"Defendants and other members of the 8 Trey Crips and 9 Ways gang also used a distinct form of pig Latin to show gang allegiance and to attempt to disguise their discussions of acts of violence, gun possession and other gang business," read the indictment. "In this version of pig Latin, the first letters or two of a word is removed from its beginning and moved to the end of the word, followed by the phrase 'oggada,' 'aggada,' or 'ay.' For example, 'shot' becomes 'otshay' or 'otshaggada' and 'chop' meaning firearm becomes 'opchay' or 'opchaggada.'"

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