Lil Baby Says He Robs People When YouTuber Asks What He Does for a Living

The rapper was out and about in the Paseo Ponti shopping center in Miami, Florida when he was approached by the YouTuber.

(Photo by Prince Williams / Getty Images)

Lil Baby was recently approached by a social media personality who asked what the rapper does for a living, and his answer was hilarious. 

A guy named Ziv The Watch Guy shared an Instagram video on Sept. 15 where he ran into the rapper walking around the Paseo Ponti shopping center in Miami. Ziv noticed Lil Baby's affluent style and wasted no time asking him about the timepiece on his wrist. 

At first, his entourage wasn't receptive to the man's approach, but the rapper saw no issue and engaged with Ziv. The man had pointed out that he loved Lil Baby's style and asked if he was wearing an Audemars Piguet Rose Gold watch, which the rapper confirmed by showing him the luxurious timepiece. 

Ziv was blown away by the piece and asked Lil Baby what he did for a living. In true Lil Baby fashion, the rapper turned the conversation comical by revealing he's a thief. 

"I rob," Lil Baby said with a smile before Ziv asked what advice he had for other robbers. "Don't get caught," Baby added.

Lil Baby has been making the most of his time out in Florida. On top of the shopping trip in Miami last Friday, the "We Paid" rapper brought his tour to Tampa Bay and Jacksonville on Sept. 15 and Sept. 16, respectively. 

Lil Baby kicked off his nationwide tour in July, and the lineup features several supporting acts, including GloRillaRylo Rodriguez, Hunxho, and Gloss Up. Australian artist The Kid LAROI was also set to perform, but he dropped out of the tour at the last minute for unexplained reasons.

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