Jeezy's 'Real N***as Don't Cheat' Comment Goes Viral After Jeannie Mae Suggested There Was Infidelity in Their Marriage

The rapper made the comment during his conversation with Nia Long early last month.

Jeezy is catching heat on social media after Jeannie Mai seemingly implied the rapper cheated on her during their marriage. 

On Friday, TMZ reported that Mai suggested that Jeezy committed acts of infidelity, which led to the end of their marriage. People on social media were shocked to find out the 46-year-old may have cheated, especially when he claimed "real n***as don't cheat" during his sitdown conversation with Nia Long early last month.

It didn't take long for Jeezy to become the butt of several jokes on social media as people called him out for lying to Long about men cheating on their wives. 

"Jeezy really sat there in Nia Long face and said "real don't cheat" and CHEATED . Hate niggas," one person wrote. Another said, "If the accusations of Jeezy cheating on his ex wife are true, that interview he did with Nia Long saying "real niggas don't cheat" just got so much funnier." 

A third person tweeted, "Jeezy said "real niggas don't cheat" & did just that in his marriage? THIS is why we were clowning him. Niggas get in front of a bad bitch and will say anything I swear."

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In their conversation, Long stated that cheating is "usually not about another person, an affair, or some chick that's willing to make you feel like a king" which had Jeezy make the statement that "real" men are loyal to their women. 

Jeezy added, "I want to be honorable and just... Anybody that's real—and when I say real, I mean real with yourself—there's a sense of integrity there. My life is built on integrity. That's my moral compass. If I'm not integral, I'm off."

Mai and Jeezy publicly announced their relationship in 2019, got engaged the following year, and tied the knot in an intimate ceremony at their Atlanta home in 2021. The couple reportedly decided to end their marriage in September, marking the conclusion of two and a half years together.

Check out more reactions to Jeannie Mai's cheating allegations against Jeezy below.

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