Jeezy Talks Jay-Z Calling Him About Not Cashing 7-Figure Check Because He Had Enough Money From Hustling

The Snowman admitted he pays much more than his finances now.

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Jeezy has recalled a time when Jay-Z gave him advice after he failed to cash out a seven-figure check. 

During his recent conversation with Assets Over Liabilities, the 46-year old rapper explained how Hov inspired him to pay more attention to his finances. According to Jeezy, he received a publishing check but never cleared it as he had enough funds from his hustling past. 

"You got to talk to John Plant over at Warner because he was the first person that gave me a check for publishing," he explained. "I ain't cash the check for like a year-and-a-half. He called me like, 'What's going on with the check I gave you?' 'I'm a keep it real with you I left it in some pants and I think it got faded and I don't know where it's at.'"

He continued, "JAY-Z called me like, 'Yo, you gotta quit playing.' I was like, 'Alright, I gotta.' Not at the time, when I came in from the streets to music, I was good. I was straight. The music, to me, I was more infatuated that people liked what I was doing. I didn't need the money, so I thought. I just had the bread. Then I was getting money for shows, it was like taking ice cream from a baby. It was the sweetest shit ever."

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Jeezy added that he never had an account and would stash any money he received in a shoebox, which he said only happened because he didn't understand how banks work. 

"When Def Jam gave me my check, I didn't have an account," he said. "Shoebox, I was just putting checks in the box. I didn't understand how it worked. I was too embarrassed to ask… By the way, I was paranoid of banks. The first thing I'm thinking is it gon' be money laundering."

These days, Jeezy is much more aware of his finances and doing a "pretty good" job of looking through his money without the help of outside assistance. 

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