DaBaby Negotiates Deal with Smoke Shop Owner After Seeing His Face Used on Products

The North Carolina native was surprised to find out one of the products cost $49.99.

Man with bandana and vest, adorned with gold necklaces, posing for a photograph
(Photo by Nykieria Chaney / FilmMagic)
Man with bandana and vest, adorned with gold necklaces, posing for a photograph

DaBaby managed to work out a deal with a shop that was selling products with his likeness on it. 

Over the weekend, the rapper entered a smoke shop where he discovered various items for marijuana use with images of his face plastered on them. According to Baby, he was never approached about his likeness being used for these products, which was a violation of his rights, and he proceeded to set matters straight. 

“We gotta discuss this, man,” he says in the video below. “What this is, bruh? Well, I need my percentage. You gotta give me one for free or something!”

DaBaby asked what one of the items cost, and when he found out it was selling for $49.99, he said the owner needed to cough up $4.99 or 10 percent of each sale, which the store owner agreed to.

DaBaby negotiates cut with smoke shop after discovering products with his face on them pic.twitter.com/HWrjBMOHew

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In other news, DaBaby made headlines after he threw out a pair of Air Jordan sneakers in response to the treatment he received at a Charlotte Hornets game. Last month, the North Carolina native took to Instagram for an unboxing of Deion Sanders’ Nike “Coach Prime” sneakers, and he noted that Charlotte Hornets owner Michael Jordan never sent him free kicks. 

“Hey OG – I appreciate ya always checking on me, chiming in [and] making sure my head in the right space,” DaBaby said before explaining why he prefers Sanders and his sneakers over MJ and his Jordan Brand.

“I’m rocking with Prime, n***a. I fuck with MJ but he ain’t ever sent me shit,” he said. “Yo public service announcement. I rock with MJ. I fuck with MJ but he ain’t never sent me shit and at the Hornets games when the players will come and I had my courtside seats, y’all ain’t never let me shoot the ball. So I’m fucking with Prime. They let me throw the ball when I went out there to Colorado.”

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