Cole Bennett Speaks on First Music Video Collaboration With Drake

The Lyrical Lemonade founder claimed he was supposed to shoot the video for "Search & Rescue" as well.

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Cole Bennett has shed some light on the music video he directed for one of Drake's singles on For All The Dogs, which also features Lil Yachty

During an interview with Kids Take Over, the Lyrical Lemonade director explained how his first-ever collaboration with Drizzy came to light. According to Bennett, the song is named "Another Late Night," and was shot in Maple Ridge in Vancouver, Canada. 

"Drake had a few off days in Vancouver, and he wanted to shoot a video while he was out there, and we're working on a few different projects right now, one of which was to knock something out in Vancouver," Bennett said. "So went out there, and you know, with an artist of his size, you have to be aware of, you know, just we looked at a few locations in Vancouver that were a little hot, you know, permitting and all these things that go into location scouting. 

He continued, "The Maple Ridge location felt the most tucked away and ducked off, and it was surrounded by trees, and it just felt like the safest place to do it and a place where the artist could feel comfortable."

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Bennett explained the idea for the collaboration came from Drake letting him hear For The Dogs, which he claimed has "great moments," and let him pick whichever song he wanted to shoot. Drake had played the song without the Yachty feature and wanted to shoot the video for it, and they ended up going with that choice. 

The music video for "Another Late Night" will be Drake's first collaboration with Bennett. Elsewhere in the interview, Bennett revealed that he was supposed to shoot the video for "Search & Rescue."

Drake's For All The Dogs was initially scheduled to drop on September 22. However, conflicts with his It's All A Blur tour pushed the album back to October 6.  

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