Ciara Speaks on Moment She Knew It Was Time to End Relationship With Future: 'When You're Tired, You're Tired'

CiCi dated the Atlanta rap star in 2012 but the two broke up after having their first child, Zaire, in 2014.

(Photo by Jason Merritt/BET / Getty Images for BET)

Ciara has opened up about her break-up with Future and explained how she knew she had to end things with him for her to grow. 

During her recent visit to the Call Your Daddy show, CiCi told host Alex Cooper that people usually know its time to make a life-changing decision when they feel it in their body. According to the singer, it's something you even feel on your tongue as she said your "taste buds change." 

"Oh my goodness, when you know you're supposed to make a super-defined decision in your life, you know it from the head to your feet, from your feet to your head," the singer explained. "You know it. It's almost like your tastebuds change. You gotta also sometimes look in the mirror and reflect on yourself, like what are things that I could be doing differently in my life? I'm looking for a change but what does that mean?"

She continued, "When you have a child, it's very important to me, it's no time to play around. I am now responsible for another life, so what am I doing? How am I thinking that through?"

Ciara also explained all she wants is "joy" in her life and doesn't want anyone to waste her time. Regardless of the type of relationship, whether it be romantic, friendly, or work, one needs to protect their time.   

"When you're tired, you're tired, and we don't want to be tired all the time," Ciara said. "I want joy. I want to make sure my cup is full…Like, I always say, don't let nobody waste your time…I don't care if it's relationship or friendship, business—just don't let it waste your time. It's just not worth it. So, those are the things that come to my mind when I process when there's a pivotal moment in any aspect of my life."

Ciara and Future started dating in 2012 and got engaged in 2013 during the singer's birthday weekend. They had their first son, Zaire, in 2014 but ended their relationship that same year. Denver Broncos quarterback Russell Wilson started dating Ciara in 2015, got married in 2016, and has three children together with her.

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