Benny the Butcher Recalls Artist Bailing on Studio Session Because Their Outfit Wasn’t Right

Benny was so shocked he "closed the book" on that artist and refused to collaborate with them.

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Benny the Butcher has revealed an artist canceled a studio session on him because they didn't have the right outfit.

During his conversation on Apple Music with Ebro Darden, Benny reflected on how much of a circus the rap game has become with all the rappers who are more worried about their image than rhymes. There was one situation that made him realize the game isn't filled with authentic rappers. 

"I was going to do a feature with this artist," says Benny. "This artist, honestly, I see them doing their thing, but they could've never came and step to me and get a feature on their own. Some other people stepped to me said, 'We got the paper, we want to pay you to do this.' I'm like 'Ok, set it up for the next day.'" 

He continued, "When the time came, you know, they was calling me like, 'Man, this person didn't have... their outfit wasn't right, so they couldn't do it,' and I closed the book on that. I didn't want to do this shit anyway. Your outfit wasn't right cause all they wanted to do was come and take pictures next to me. I thought we was about to get in the booth. I thought we were about to do what we do, but it's over. I closed the door on that."

“This game is a circus, and everyone who’s in it is not a rapper.”

Today on #RapLife Radio, I got @BennyBsf talking his debut Def Jam project EVERYBODY CAN’T GO.

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Benny released his Def Jam debut album Everybody Can't Go on Friday and features guest appearances by Armani Caesar, Babyface Ray, Conway the Machine, Jadakiss, Kyle Banks, Lil Wayne, Peezy, Rick Hyde, Snoop Dogg, Stove God Cooks, and Westside Gunn. In a recent interview with BET Talks, Benny revealed it only took him "a couple of months" to put the project together.

"I didn't start directly working on the album (after signing to Def Jam)," he explained. "When I first signed the deal I didn't go in and lock in. I didn't want to. I didn't want to rush it. I wanted it to be a drawn-out thing… I was just enjoying the shit, enjoying the process of making an album, getting in the lab."

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