Planet Giza Talk Montreal On Sway, Say Kaytranada Had A Bigger Impact On Them Than Drake

The trio talks about their origins, influences, and showcases a freestyle from frontman Tony Stone

Rap trio Planet Giza from Montreal
Rap trio Planet Giza from Montreal

Montreal hip-hop trio Planet Giza is turning heads. After the success of their latest album Ready When You Are, the group appeared on Sway's Universe to not only discuss their origins and influences but showcase frontman Tony Stone's rapping ability.

Sway started out by asking Giza how they all met. Tony Stone explained that he and producer Rami B had known each other since they were kids, but reconnected as teens when Stone found out Rami made beats. Doomx met Stone a little while later but the three eventually connected and formed Planet Giza.

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Later in the interview, Sway asked them how they were affected by Drake's dominance in Canada.

"It's different for us because we're from Montreal, it's in Quebec, so we don't really see the impact, we don't really feel it like that," Rami B said. "I'll say Kaytra is really much more of an impact than Drake for us. We see it, it's right in front of us."

The group then tackled topics like handling themselves on social media, growing as artists and explaining the background of each of their names.

Before concluding the interview, Tony Stone freestyled effortlessly which drew applause from everybody in the studio.

Prior to the group's appearance on Sway's Universe, Planet Giza sat down with Complex Canada to discuss the creation of Ready When You Are.

Rami B also produced "SpaceX" on Estee Nack's new album Nacksaw Jim Duggan, executive produced by Westside Gunn.

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