Chuck D Shouts Out Mississauga Rapper Es, Calls "The Come Up Story" His Favourite Rap Track of 2022

Over the weekend, Chuck D tweeted a link to his podcast saying that his favourite rap song of 2022 was "The Come Up Story" by Canadian rapper Es.

Album cover Es 'You Want a Piece of Me'
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Album cover Es 'You Want a Piece of Me'

Album cover Es 'You Want a Piece of Me'

Over the weekend, Public Enemy frontman Chuck D tweeted out a link to the latest episode of his podcast “...AndYouDon’tStop” where he said his favourite rap track of the year is Mississauga-based rapper Es’ “The Come Up Story.”

“Dope beat, quick cuts, one of my favourites,” Chuck D said on his show before playing the song. “DJ Merciless and lyrics by the one and only Es, produced by J. Pal for the album You Want A Piece Of Me? now available on all streaming platforms.”

Once Es got word of Chuck D’s shoutout, he took to Youtube to show his gratitude.

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“You can imagine the feeling that someone like myself⁠—avid hip-hop fan⁠—felt seeing a legend such as [Chuck D] not only tag me in a post but state that one of my creations and the creations of J.Pal and DJ Merciless put together, resonated enough with him that he considered this to be one of his favourite joints of the year,” Es said. “Definitely had a brother on cloud nine. Definitely basking in the moment and using it as fuel to keep pushing on.”

You can listen to the track here:

You Want A Piece Of Me? is Es’ sixth album and was released back in February. While the bulk of it was handled in-house, Es managed to snag a feature from Detroit mainstay Elzhi on the track “Attack.”

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