Nav Explains Difference Between Canadians and Americans in New Interview: "We Just Have More Manners"

When San Francisco radio host Shay Diddy asked Nav the biggest difference between Canadians and Americans, he explained that Canadians are more polite.

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In a new interview with San Francisco radio host Shay Diddy, Toronto rapper Nav explained the biggest difference between Canadians and Americans is politeness and manners.

“People be like ‘Oh, Canadians are so polite’ but that’s because everybody is from an immigrant background,” Nav explained. “I mean our parents teach us the things from back home so I think we just have more manners [...]”

Shay Diddy followed by asking what kind of manners.

“Like ‘thank you,’ ‘you’re welcome.’ Sometimes when I’m in a restaurant in America, they be like ‘Oh you want a refill’ and I’ll be like ‘thank you,’ and then they’ll be like ‘mhmm,’ like what’s ‘mhmm,’ what’s that mean? They just don’t have the etiquette out here.”

Despite Nav’s confusion about the waiter’s response to his grateful remark, he maintains that Americans are still a nice group of people. Yet, Nav still thinks it’s easier to “run into a New York asshole in New York” than it is to find a Torontonian one in Toronto.

Nav is currently on his Never Sleep North American tour. He’ll close the tour with a major homecoming concert at Scotiabank Arena on Apr 11.

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