Dvsn Covers "Amazing Grace" and "Let It Snow" For Amazon Music Christmas Performance

Though Dvsn just released a brand new album with Working On My Camera, the R&B duo remains in the spirit of giving, performing covers of Christmas songs.

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Though Dvsn just released brand new album Working On My Karma, the R&B duo remains in the spirit of giving, releasing a live performance for Amazon Music for Christmas consisting of covers of “Amazing Grace” and “Let It Snow.”

The video begins with the backing choir practicing ahead of the show before transitioning into the performance. After Dvsn performed “Amazing Grace,” the video cuts to a documentary-style interlude of a pastor talking about his church.

Once the interlude wraps up, Dvsn goes back on stage to perform a cover of “Let It Snow.” As the cover ends, Dvsn again switches it up, transitioning the track into “The Line” from their debut album Sept. 5th.

The cover of “Amazing Grace” is available to stream exclusively on Amazon Music. “Let It Snow,” however is available to stream as part of Love Renaissance’s Christmas compilation Home For The Holidays, Vol. 2.

In promotion of their latest album Working On My Karma, Dvsn is embarking on a world tour in 2023 with eight different Canadian dates.

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