Belly might be calling it quits after a long career in the near future. The Canadian rapper announced on Twitter that his next trio of albums will be his last.

“I love yall with all my heart, sincerely, but this industry has taken it’s [sic] toll on me,” Belly wrote. “MR2 will be the first of my last three albums ever. Mini tour for MR2 then a farewell tour after my next 2.”

Belly’s been consistent with his output ever since signing with The Weeknd’s XO label back in 2015, delivering six albums under the imprint. It’s unclear if Mumble Rap 2 will still release under the XO label.

As recently as Feb 2, Belly tweeted a brief video of the studio he’s working in with a snippet of an unreleased track playing in the background.

Belly hasn’t confirmed any dates for any of his three albums, nor did he confirm any tour dates.