Trinidad James Appeared on CNN Last Night to Discuss the N-Word With Don Lemon

And a panel discussion with Marc Lamont Hill and Ben Ferguson.

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Trinidad James appeared on CNN last night in a segment titled, "The N Word in America." To recap, a Vine of Univ. of Oklahoma SAE mom rapping along (and repeatedly saying the n-word) to James' smash hit "All Gold Everything" hit the Internet next week. Don Lemon invited James along with Ben Ferguson and Marc Lamont Hill on the panel which discussed who, exactly, can use the n-word, and who decides this sort of thing. 

James—who argues he was more concerned with the younger SAE frat members using the n-word than an old, white mom—was the most eloquent guest on the panel, though Morehouse College professor Marc Lamont Hill shuts conservative commentator Ben Ferguson down in the final minute or so. It all ends with Dr. Lamont Hill sonning the fuck out of Ferguson, who insists that rappers profit off of using the n-word and therefore won't stop using it.

You can watch part one above, and the panel discussion below: 

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