Stream and Download Allan Kingdom's "Future Memoirs" EP

Executive produced by Allan Kingdom, Plain Pat, & Jonathan "DJ Kasloco" Kaslow.

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Most of the world was introduced to St. Paul, Minnesota rapper/producer Allan Kingdom through the video for his track, "Evergreens." In the video, Kingdom takes a ride through Minneapolis—he's originally from Winnipeg, Canada but upon relocating to Minnesota,  he kicked off his hip-hop career which lead to his debut Trucker MusicHis "I'm wonderful, I'm wonderful/That works for me" chorus on the track shows an eccentric, quirky side to the artist, which he's now translated into an entire 12-track EP, Future Memoirs.

He's worked with everyone from THESTANDARD to producer Psymun, Bobby Raps and Spooky Black. The EP is executive produced by Plain Pat, Kingdom and DJ Kasloco. Maybe it's the way he flips his cadence and molds to every sound on the EP, or the fact that his versatility goes beyond that, and his sounds are at times euphoric, and occasionally a bit grim. It's an enticing look at the up-and-comer, whose semi-homegrown debut is a stunning follow-up to his July 2013 project, Talk To Strangers

For fans of Kid Cudi and Chance the Rapper, your'e going to like Kingdom but let's be real—he's more than just a combo of both rappers; he's simply got the woozy rhymes down compiled with Cudi's crooning and emotions, but on another level. Kingdom wrote all of the songs, and produced on the majority of tracks, as well.

You can download the entire project here, and stream it below:

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