RIHUnited: Rihanna Is Back on Instagram

Guess who's back?

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After a summer hiatus, BadGalRiri is back on Instagram today after getting kicked off the app for posing near-nude photos earlier this year. That's not really a surprise for Rih fans, and to be honest, she's done pretty well without Instagram over the last few months thanks in part to Twitter and her BFF, Melissa Forde's feed.

In May, Rihanna graced the cover of Lui, which you can see here (NSFW), and Instagram wasn't happy with her sharing the topless pics on her feed. According to TMZ, Instagram told Rihanna to delete the nude photos, and not post any others, or her account would be suspended.

First came this:

Then this:

If her Twitter is any indication of where "badgalriri" is going, we're expecting a ton of baby pics and even more selfies. Welcome back, Rihanna.


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