Kreayshawn's Tour Bus Caught on Fire

Everyone is safe but it gave Kreay a second to reflect.


On Friday night, the tour bus carrying Kreayshawn and Chippy Nonstop caught fire at a stop in Bloomington, Ill., around 7:15 p.m. The ladies are currently on the all-female Group Hug tour—and were all safe after the incident. 

The inferno started after a “generator exploded,” according to Kreayshawn's twitter. The only casualty was some clothing. “My heart really goes out to people who have lost their homes to fires after today,” said Kreayshawn after the incident. “Even though it was just the tour bus. I can only imagine.”

The sister tourbus carrying Rye Rye and Honey Cocaine was quick to capture all the action.

Kreayshawn's tour bus catches fire. I'm reporting the story!!! Check the link!

Thankfully they're all okay, and still able to twerk it out on tour.

[via Karen Civil]  

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