Premiere: Watch Kehlani's "FWU" Video

Channeling a modern-day "Grease" but not as basic.

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There are rarely artists that make you fall in love with them off the bat. Some artists spend months building a buzz while others catapult into viral success, and crash harder than a motherfucker. Then there are artists like Kehlani, the 19-year-old Oakland native and first lady of HBK Gang, who we can't help but be obsessed with immediately. Want proof? Watch her new video for "FWU," a modern-day love story, that channels that car-racing scene from Grease, but let's be honest: this is more entertaining. 

On "FWU," the Swagg R'Celious-produced track off of her recent Cloud 19 tape, Kehlani professes her love and loyalty to her man, and dreams about the future. She's likeable, she's relatable, and guess what, men? Sometimes, these girls really are loyal. 

Stay tuned for more music from Kehlani and download her Cloud 19 tape immediately.

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