An Expert Analysis of Kanye West's Handwriting: "Striking Resemblance To Lindsay Lohan's"

In which a handwriting expert analyzes Kanye's handwritten lyrics, in full. What they say about 'Ye? Well....

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After performing on Saturday Night Live, Kanye West tweeted a photo of handwritten lyrics to his latest track, "Black Skinhead." Virgil Abloh Instagrammed a picture of the lyrics, too, with the caption: "He just wrote this. Literally."

Looking at the image, we couldn't help but think of the feelings Kanye might have had the moment he wrote the song's lyrics that day. So we had his handwriting analyzed by Sheila Kurtz. Kurtz, president of Graphology Consulting Group and—who's analyized everyone's handwriting from former CIA directors to presidential candidates—broke down Ye's handwriting into a number of categories.

Most notably, she observes that Kanye's form of writing is called "Block Printing," and it's used by people who want others to know as little as possible what their handwriting might reveal.

The downward dip to the right of his lettering is a signal of a "somewhat depressed frame of mind," Kurtz says. West's writing "bears striking resemblance to Lindsay Lohan's" and is favored by people who write ransom notes.

Here's the full report:

On communication:

You can be direct and straight-forward in your communications and are able to come right to the point in a conversation. You are also concise in getting across to your listeners. Your approach will be free from extraneous details that can slow you down. You may impress others as a stimulating, thought-provoking partner in conversation. If you are working, your approach to work will be uncomplicated. You think and act in accord with your own beliefs regardless of the influence or persuasions of others.

On stress levels:

The pronounced manner in which you impress your writing suggests that you may have energy to burn and that daily stresses have a way of escalating the pressure you feel.

On thinking levels:

You have strong intuitive ability. You cannot always justify your conclusions, yet they are often on the mark as any "thought out" conclusions may be. Your intuitive abilities speed up your thinking process. Experience will indicate how far to trust this "gut" ability and the insights it may provide to you about new people and situations. The wedge formations in your m's and n's are a strong indication of your investigative thinking process. You enjoy searching for answers and are resourceful in gathering your own information. In handwriting, the larger wedge formations show a proportionately greater capacity to explore and investigate a situation. This ability will help you get to the root of a problem and make decisions based on the facts you uncover.

On life goals: 

The placement of the t bars in your writing indicates ambitious goals. If the t bars are firm and strong it indicates that the inner drive is available to reach the goals set.

On achievement: 

Your handwriting indicates strong personal determination. This trait is revealed in the below-the-baseline straight strokes of your y's, g's or j's. You are resolute, with a firmness of purpose in your actions. You have the capacity to see a project through in spite of obstacles. You believe in the nose-to-the-grindstone way of getting things done.

On emotions:

The straight up and down slant of your letters indicate that you tend to be objective, composed and typically to think before you act. You are not easily swayed by your emotions and impulsiveness is not a significant part of your makeup.

Sure, some things on the report aren't necessarily how we think of Kanye (like how he's not easily swayed by his emotions). That said? The idea that Kanye "thinks and acts in accord with [his] own beliefs regardless of the influence or persuasions of others" sounds—to be kind—fairly accurate. 

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