Because You Care: Justin Bieber Says "F*** Bill Clinton" After Peeing in Restaurant Mop Bucket

He is Canadian, you know.

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Remember when you were younger and every time you got drunk you'd find yourself peeing damn near everywhere?

We do, too.

Unfortunately, we're not Justin Bieber or even close to that level of worldwide stardom. So, everytime he does something really stupid, it's captured on camera, of course.

In this clip courtesy of TMZ, Bieber and his friends—aka "The Wild Kidz"—exit a NYC club via the basement, and Bieber takes a pee in an industrial mop bucket. "The Wild Kidz" sounds super cool.

"That's the coolest spot to piss. You know, you'll forever remember that," says one of The Wild Boyz. When they're walking out, Bieber grabs what looks like a Windex bottle and sprays a framed photo of Bill Clinton, saying "Fuck Bill Clinton!" He's Canadian.

Either way, this obviously this means a NYC club/bar/restaurant's floors are now coated in Bieber pee. Consider yourself lucky.

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