Apparently, Jay Z Dropped The Hyphen In His Name Three Years Ago

We reached out to Roc Nation.

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Breaking news: We've all been doing it wrong. Billboard editor Joe Levy reported last night, citing label sources, that Jay-Z has officially dropped the hyphen from his name. 

Breaking: Jay Z has dropped the hyphen from his name, according to his label. I am not kidding. (Wish I was.) Copy editors: take note.

We reached out to Jay's publicist, Jana Fleishman, for a statement. She responded: "Dude..We haven't used the hyphen since 2010.."

This totally slipped under our radar. Even on iTunes, in the liner notes for Watch the Throne, and in promotion of Magna Carta Holy Grail, Jay's name has changed:

Then again, everyone gets convenient amnesia when it comes to the umlaut that used to appear above the Y in Jay's name. The Reasonable Doubt cover was the last time we remember seeing it. But you can also see it on the single art to his early single, "In My Lifetime." 

So we guess we have to get used to writing it without the hyphen. Ehh, at least this is easier than the time Prince changed his name to a symbol and sent music magazine's special typography software so they could print the damn thing. 

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