Premiere: Listen to India Shawn and James Fauntleroy's "More or Less"

"Outer Limits" is coming soon.

via Soundcloud

A little under a year ago, Atlanta-based artist India Shawn, who recently landed a song on Solange's Saint Heron compilation, and the inimitable James Fauntleroy, dropped their collaborative track, "Floating Away." These days, they're gearing up to drop an EP, Outer Limits, and have already dropped the project's title track. Today, they're back with "More or Less," a song that embodies the ideology that love, inevitably, conquers all. Backed by woozy '90s R&B influenced vibes and a heavy outro, the 1500orNothin and Prem Midha-produced "More or Less" will get fans even more excited for Outer Limits.

You can pre-order the EP now, which will drop on Mar. 4. If you pre-order the project, you'll receive a digital download one week in advance as well as a free copy of India’s first album, ORIGIN.

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