Here's Every Line That 2 Chainz Said on "Law and Order: SVU" Last Night

Tity Boi? No, it's Pearlie now.

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After weeks of teasing photos on Instagram, 2 Chainz appeared on last night's Law and Order: SVU and it was everything we hoped it would be, and more.

He guest starred as Calvin "Pearlie" Jones, an old member of this week's suspect's crew—and more importantly, a perp from Detective Odafin 'Fin' Tutuola's (aka Ice-T) past life in narcotics.

Tonite tune in to LAW and ORDER,! Check out Pearlie ,,, that would b ME.

The clip is less than two minutes long but hey, we get to watch 2 Chainz get grilled by detectives while getting a massage. La La Anthony makes a cameo in the episode, as well.

Here's every line uttered by Tity during his guest appearance:

  • "Aw, yeah."
  • "Right there, I like that."
  • "What the?!"
  • "Aw, hell no."
  • "I got sciatica."
  • "Come on, man, you know I can't carry, I'm on parole."
  • "Whatever it was, I told that bitch I wasn't interested, bruh."
  • "Dude is crazy."
  • "Crazy enough!"
  • "You come in here and want to bust me for a gun you planted? Man, do your thing, dog."
  • "God damn!"
  • "You want me to talk?
  • "Listen, this man will peel my face off, sew it on to a soccer ball, and kick it into my mother's yard, so you might want to go ahead and shoot me because I ain't no snitch."

There you have it—2 Chainz's TV drama debut, a marked improvement from his cameo on 2 Broke Girls. Hopefully he gets that sciatica checked out, stat.

You can stream the entire episode here.

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