The Dress Up! Drake App Is A Hilarious Waste of Time

This is real.

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Is Lil Wayne jealous? Will Apple release a Dress Up Weezy app soon? The Internet can only hope so.

Apparently Apple released a Dress Up! Drake Edition for the iPhone and iPad in August 2012—but we just got around to playing it today.

Here's the incredible app description, courtesy of iTunes, which has so many Drake puns that are so corny that by the fifth pun you'll laugh at yourself for laughing:

A big fan of Drake? Ever wanted TAKE CARE of his fashion choices as his personal stylist? Now you can! Just download Drake Dress Up for iPod Touch and iPhone and THANK ME LATER! 

If you like dress up games, this one is the BEST I EVER HAD! Dress Drake up in FANCY outfits when he's out making HEADLINES! With head turning outfits, Drake will never have anyone "MISS ME" any more! You'll never be bored - with hundreds of items to mix and match, try different looks to FIND YOUR LOVE and keep making outfits FOREVER! 

Dress up games featuring generic girls are so OVER! Download the app today and create hot designer looks for Drake that will MAKE ME PROUD!

The lowkey genius description got us so excited to Dress Up! Drake that we chose five outfits to analyze whether Drake would hire us as his stylist.

So shout out to the makers of Dress Up! for turning Drake into a hip-hop action figure Ken doll.

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