Premiere: Toronto Rapper Donnie Drops "On My Mind"

Produced by D.R.O.

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Toronto rapper Donnie—part of the Prime Collective responsible for the rise of OVO-affiliate Jimmy Johnson—has only released one solo track so far in his career titled "Nonsense." While he's been featured on Jimmy's "Million Dollar Questions" and a few other tracks, too, his second single "On My Mind" will have all eyes on the emerging artist.

"I made a lot of songs in the past two months, but this one hits the hardest," he told Complex over email. "I wanted to release something that really hits people. When I was making the hook for the song, I was just having a conversation with myself, like if Donnie were to call Donnie on the phone. When the song was done, I was originally going to call the song 'Two Tings' but it that was a corny title to me, and seemed like a gimmick, so then 'On My Mind.'" 

Over dissonant, trap-influenced production from D.R.O., Donnie raps about the two tings on his mind when he goes to sleep—money and weed—and the two tings on his line. Stream it below and keep an eye on new music from Donnie:

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