Premiere: Damon Dash f/ Sen City "Flip"

"We from Harlem, it's all about a flip."

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In a perfect world, Dame Dash would release an entire EP of him just talking shit over incredible beats. We don't live in a perfect world, but today, we get a little closer with Dame's latest track featuring Sen City called "Flip" produced by Ben The Glorious Bastard. 

For some Thursday inspiration, please read Dame's gospel below, and stream the song below:

"I don't stack, I flip, and I only flip as I'm inspired. And this is what I suggest, find a good woman, a woman with taste, a woman with style, you don't really wanna hang around n****s too much, the egos make them jealous, but a woman, if you treat her right, she'll be loyal, and she'll teach you, and she'll fight for you. I'm in the "Fuck N****s" crew. Pause. N****s is the new bitches, and I mean that in the most sincere way."

We sincerely hope there are more tracks like this coming soon.

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