Chicago Rapper JoJo Releases Beef Video, Gets Killed, Twitter Reacts

The 18-year-old was gunned down last night after a confrontation that was posted online.

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Chicago has been having a very bad summer. Between the first day of June and the last day of August, 152 people were killed. Of those 152 murders, 38 were teenagers. With bloodshed in the city's neighborhoods gaining national attention, the city's hard-edged drill scene—which has produced rising rap stars like Chief KeefLil Reese, and King L—has reflected this climate of violence. And the killing continues.

Last night, Joseph Coleman, an 18-year-old rapper known as JoJo, was gunned down on the city's South Side while riding a bike. JoJo was found unresponsive around 9 p.m. with a gunshot wound and later pronounced dead at the University of Chicago Medical Center. His murder remains unsolved but speculation on Twitter has been running rampant.

Back in April, the rapper released a diss song aimed at Chief Keef and Lil Durk. In the video, JoJo and his friends show off an extensive collection of guns. Yesterday, JoJo uploaded a video of himself and a friend driving by Lil Reese and taunting him. After JoJo was found dead last night, Keef and Reese took to Twitter, as did an associate of JoJo's.

Complex looked into the incident and put together this timeline of what's happened during the last 24 hours in Chicago.

JoJo Releases "3hunnak" Diss

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Chicago rapper JoJo claimed affiliation with Chicago's Bricksquad crew—not to be confused with Waka Flocka's Brick Squad Monopoly. In response to Lil Durk's "Bricksquad, I say fuck 'em" lyric on the song "L's Anthem," JoJo made his beef with  Durk and his associates (Chief Keef, Lil Reese) well known.

On April 27 Jojo dropped the song "3hunnak" (using the beat and cadence from Chief Keef's song "Everyday"), in which he raps "This ain't a diss song, this is just a message." The video shows JoJo and others flaunting guns and saying "BDK," a reference to the Chicago gang, Black Disciples—and BDK being a "Black Disciple Killer."

JoJo Releases Second Diss Track "I Got Dat Sack"

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JoJo followed up "3hunnak" with a take on Yo Gotti's "I Got Dat Sack" making his own diss version of the track. The song was released on August 30.

Jojo Confronts Lil Reese in Traffic and Films It

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Yesterday, a video was posted on this YouTube channel showing JoJo driving past Lil Reese with the two arguing from their respective cars. JoJo can be heard screaming "Bricksquad" and hurling insults. At the end of the clip, someone can be heard saying, “I'ma kill you.”

This wasn't the first exchange between JoJo and Lil Reese. Back on August 14, JoJo uploaded a similar video of himself supposedly chasing Lil Reese and Durk. The video quality is poor, but JoJo's voice can be heard throughout the entire clip. 

JoJo Tweets About Lil Reese Incident

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JoJo tweeted the September video twice and a Twitter user with the handle OsoArrogant$wagg referenced the incident as well. These tweets began around 4pm.  

First JoJo tweets about driving by them:

He then tweets the YouTube video of the incident:

The man who was presumably in the car with JoJo, OsoArrogant$wagg, also tweets about the incident, which JoJo retweets:

JoJo tweets shorthand for "where you at, bitch" at Lil Reese:

The final tweets directed at Lil Reese are of JoJo's location:

Chicago Tribune Reports JoJo's Death

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Chief Keef Tweets About JoJo's Death

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Around 2:24 a.m. EST on September 5, Chief Keef tweets about JoJo's death.

First, Keef says JoJo wanted to be just like him and his squad and hashtags the abbreviation for "laughing my ass off."

Another tweet was sent and referenced "Brickboyz," which JoJo was screaming throughout the YouTube clip of him driving up on Lil Reese.

Lil Reese Tweets About JoJo's Death

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Yesterday afternoon, Lil Reese retweeted a Twitter user who mentioned the incident and criticized JoJo for staying in the car the entire time.

 This morning, Reese tweeted about JoJo's death. The tweet has since been deleted. 

More Tweets Surface From JoJo's Friend

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According to retweets on JoJo's timeline, the Twitter user OsoArrogant$wagg was in the car with JoJo when he videotaped his confrontation with Lil Reese.

OsoArrogant$wagg went on Twitter after JoJo's death. He tweeted #RIPJOJO and went on to address the rappers who JoJo had previously dissed.

Then he addressed Chief Keef.

Then he addressed Lil Reese.

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