Premiere: Watch Cardi B's Hilarious Video for Her New Single, "Cheap Ass Weave"

She's on season six of 'Love & Hip Hop New York.'

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We're eagerly awaiting Cardi B's first appearance on season six of Love & Hip Hop New York, and she blesses fans with a brand new single this morning titled, of course, "Cheap Ass Weave." Sure, we love Cardi for her incredible insights on life, hoeism, among other things, but who knew she'd be able to put it down behind the mic? Cardi says she's a huge fan of Lady Leshurr​ and decided to put her own spin on "Queens Speech Ep. 4." 

She dropped the hilarious new video for the track today, too, where she plays the entire cast, donning a number of wigs and weaves. Just give her her own show already.

"The way your hair look is so important," she tells Complex. "You could really have a $10 dress, you could have the most raggedy outfit, a t-shirt and sweatpants and fucked up boots. But your hair, it means she just had to run outside like that. She be on point because her hair is on point. The way your hair looks is so important. Men don’t like when your weave smells like potato chips and corn and whatever the crap. It’s so important how your hair looks."

You can grab the song on iTunes right now and stream it below. Read our new interview with Cardi B here.

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