23-Year-Old Teacher Tweets Topless Twerk Pic to Diplo

Be careful what you twerk for, you never know how your boss is going to react.

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Hey Diplo fans, you may need to watch where you #expressyourself. Carly McKinney, a 23-year-old math teacher at Overland High School in Aurora, Colorado, was put on paid leave by Cherry Creek School District for posting photos of herself twerking, and smoking a joint, among other things.

McKinney's now deleted Twitter page used the handle @Crunk_Bear and the first-year math teacher's bio read, "Stay high. Stay drunk…Mile High City." McKinney was tweeting some pretty racy photos of herself including smoking in her car, laying in bed topless, posing in front of a mirror nearly naked, and showing off her tattoo...down there.

But what's really getting a lot of attention is the topless #expressyourself photo McKinney posted and tweeted at Diplo. His "Express Yourself" video showed some very extreme twerking—and the style of dancing displayed has become a worldwide Twitter and Instagram trend. Apparently, McKinney was hip to it. 

Her Tweet reportedly read:


The school district is investigating @Crunk_Bear now, but according to a local Aurora news station, 9News, who spoke with the teacher herself, the Twitter was a parody account. McKinney says she wasn't aware of what her friend was posting on the Twitter. 

McKinney has found support on Twitter, though. #FreeCrunkBear has been trending on and off since the first reports came in, and don't worry—Diplo is on her side. 

McKinney is supposed to meet with school officials this week to discuss her future. For now, ladies, watch where you twerk.

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