Watch Minions Take Over the Real World in Pharrell's "Yellow Light" Video

Pharrell released a video for his new song, "Yellow Light," which will feature prominently on the upcoming 'Despicable Me 3' soundtrack.

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Pharrell has been a massive part of the success of the Despicable Me franchise since the beginning; he helped compose the score for the first movie in the series, as well as the vast majority of the songs for the movie's official soundtrack. He has been involved with the series ever since, recording multiple songs for Despicable Me 2, including his impossible to escape hit, "Happy."

He may not have another "Happy" sized hit on his hands, but the multi-talented artist is back working with the Minions once again. Pharrell released the video for his new song, "Yellow Light," on Friday afternoon, and it's another bouncy, upbeat offering that fits right in with the Despicable Me universe.

Perhaps more accurately, it helps the Minions fit in better with our universe. The music video for "Yellow Light" features the chatty yellow creatures marauding through the real world and giggling their little heads off, as they interact with every yellow object they possibly can, from bananas to traffic lights.

"Yellow Light" may not have the staying power of "Happy," but that's more of a reflection of the latter than it is the former. Whereas "Happy" was a transcendent song that just so happened to be made for Despicable Me, "Yellow Light" sounds more like a direct product of its association with the Minions. It's a lighthearted anthem that would create visions of Minions in your head even if it didn't come attached to a video, and it's a fun song you're sure to have stuck in your head after you catch Despicable Me 3 in theaters.

It's not just about music for Pharrell these days, and we're stoked to be collaborating with him for the second annual ComplexCon this November. He's part of the host committee for this year's event, so if you check out the event in Long Beach later in 2017, you'll get to be part of something he's excited about participating in.

“There’s nothing like ComplexCon; it’s unique for anyone who loves fashion, music, and art," he said. "The power of ComplexCon is that it erases the lines between all these passions and shows us that everything influences each other."

You can hear the rest of the Despicable Me 3 soundtrack when it releases on June 23, and check out the music video for "Yellow Light" up top.

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