An ‘Unbelievable’ New Eminem and Pink Song Might Be Coming Soon

A Michigan-based radio show revealed Eminem and Pink have a new song together that's dropping soon.

We're mostly in the dark on any upcoming work from Eminem, and that's the way he usually likes it. Unlike a lot of his younger contemporaries, the 44-year-old rapper doesn't do much in the way of social media, preferring to let his work speak for itself.

Somebody spilled the beans on at least one new song, however, and it sounds like a collaboration with Pink is not just in the cards, but all set to be unveiled in the near future. The crew behind the Mojo in the Morning show on iHeartMedia in Michigan apparently had a chat with their Senior VP of programming, and during a trip to New York, he heard about some big things in the works.

"He says that there is a new Eminem, Pink song coming out that he says is unbelievable," the story goes. "He got a chance to be one of the first to hear it, and it will be coming out here very, very soon."

This is either good news or bad news depending on what you think about the last collaboration between the two artists. For fans of 2010s, the pair made "Won't Back Down," so there will be a ton of buzz leading into their next drop. But those of you who prefer old school Eminem, who focused his energy on shaking up the establishment rather than being part of it, this could be a depressing piece of information.

If anything, this could be a hint about where the sound is headed on his next project, which is rumored to be dropping sometime this fall. "Won't Back Down" was heavily rock-and-roll influenced, and the album it featured on, Recovery, was laced with anthems of a similar nature throughout the project. Though he has a pretty eclectic catalog at this point, Em's projects have tended to have a fairly sharp focus, especially as he has aged.

Who the heck knows when this is all going down, but there's enough smoke to suggest a fire is on the horizon. You can listen to Mojo in the Morning discuss the Eminem and Pink collab starting around the 1:00 mark up top.

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