Justin Bieber Mocks Spanish Language During Botched 'Despacito' Performance

Justin Bieber was caught at a nightclub trying to sing his part in "Despacito," and it looks like he doesn't know the lyrics to his latest No. 1 single.

Everyone's biggest karaoke fear—aside from being terrible at singing—is flubbing the lyrics to their song of choice. Now imagine being a mega-star singer, with people recording your every move, and forgetting the words to your song which, by the way, is currently resting at No. 1 on the charts. That's just part of the problem facing Justin Bieber today.

Bieber was spotted at 1OAK Nightclub in New York City on Tuesday, and as you can see in the video up top, it looks like he doesn't have any idea what to do when the "Despacito" chorus hits. The singer turned heads when people heard him singing in Spanish on the record, but it looks like he was only interested in yelling, "blah blah blah" instead of actually trying to duplicate his feature on the song. 

This only feeds into the commonly-held belief "Despacito" was better off without him to begin with. The original, Bieber-less version has over a billion views on YouTube—which fans have been happy to point out—so it's not as though Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee needed his help to make a worldwide hit.

The original version of despacito is wayyyyy better than the Justin Bieber one don't @ me
@UWantMyD_aniel Justin Bieber ruined despacito... it was WAY better before him
omg ppl actually think despacito is jb's song give the credit to luis fonsi he owns that bitch
honestly can they stop playing the justin bieber version of despacito on the radio and play the original

It's a horrible look to show a complete disinterest in remembering the words to a song you're featured heavily on, and it's not just disrespectful, but vaguely racist to treat someone else's language as a disposable prop to be laughed at. Twitter users reacted accordingly when they got wind of his latest "performance":

They should completely just remove Justin Bieber from that Despacito song because honestly I'm disgusted
Let the record show that I was listening to Despacito long before Justin Bieber got involved, your honor
DearWhite people,
Please leave my language alone if you're gonna exploit it and then butcher it.
Thank you @justinbieber#Despacito #Bieber https://t.co/c74df5Ayjc
Justin Bieber got all yall butchering tf outta Despacito 🙄 #Cringe
Wonder how long it took Justin Bieber to memorize his lyrics for Despacito bc you bet ur ass that child doesn't speak Spanish

There are other clips of him during the song getting messed with by The Chainsmokers, who look like they're intentionally trying to throw him off his game.

Justin cantando "Despacito" junto a The Chainsmokers está madrugada en un club
Me encantan#Justin4MMVApic.twitter.com/tcGurEGIQv

Even still, that's not an excuse for his mockery of "Despacito." Bieber can do a hell of a lot better than "blah blah blah," regardless of whether he's intoxicated or dealing with hecklers by his side.

No one is asking him to be fluent in another language, but if you're going to collect massive royalty checks on a song, you can certainly remember 50 words in Spanish. That's the least amount of reverence you can show to the artists who gave you a feature on their song and made you part of a hit, and the least you can do for the people all over the world whose language you're disrespecting.

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