Drake Got a Second Sade Tattoo and It Might Be Better Than the First

Drake got another tattoo of Sade on his body, because two is a bigger and better number than one.

If you can count on Drake for anything, it's to share his authentic emotions with you at almost all times. It's how he gets caught up in the moment and thirsting for some of Hollywood's leading ladies, and it also helps separate his music from the average hip-hop star.

Drake's admiration for English singer Sade dates back years, and after linking up with her during his Boy Meets World Tour earlier in 2017, we got a glimpse of a Sade portrait Drizzy got inked onto his torso. It's a little bit extra, but so is a lot of what Drake does, and he's mostly unconcerned with what anyone else thinks at this point.

Just when you thought his love for Sade peaked, Drake came back to up the ante. Belgian tattoo artist Inal Bersekov linked up with the Toronto native on Monday, and he added a second picture of Sade—along with some gorgeous scenery—to the previous ink already on Drake's body. At the very least, you have to respect the detail and artistry on the touch-up.

There's no way to tell for sure, but Bersekov may have caught Drake's eye with some work he did previously that spotlighted Drake himself. Look at this photo-realistic series of tattoos he's responsible for, featuring snapshots of the self-proclaimed 6 God.

We all pay homage to our favorites in our own unique ways, even if inking up their face on your body is a little bit more extreme than some alternatives. I'm not one to police how someone chooses to use their body as a canvas, but I'll leave the tattoo tributes to the rest of you if that's alright. 

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