DJ Mustard Wants You To Turn Up To His New Song With Jennifer Lopez, "Girls"

They just wanna have fun.

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Since he spent 2013 soundtracking many of rap and R&B's biggest and best hits ("R.I.P.", "Paranoid", "My Nigga"), and he sees himself potentially following in the footsteps of DJs like David Guetta, it's only natural that Los Angeles's newest super producer, DJ Mustard, is making some A-list pop moves.

Tonight he revealed a new song called "Girls" with Jennifer Lopez, who's having a bit of a career resurgence right now herself as a judge on American Idol. How should you respond to this news? The way you always do when you hear the words "Mustard on the beat": turn up.

Dude, it's DJ Mustard and J. Lo. Who are you to argue? 

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