10 Essential Swedish House Mafia Tracks

And like that, the Swedish House Mafia is gone. Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso's journey through EDM has seen them become one of the mo

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And like that, the Swedish House Mafia is gone. Steve Angello, Axwell, and Sebastian Ingrosso's journey through EDM has seen them become one of the most talked-about acts to ever do it, and while their time as a group was short, their tracks had a big impact. They were the trio who sold out Madison Square Garden in nine minutes! The group considered to be the faces of modern house music. Solo, they're seen as some of the best DJs in the world, and during their time together, they took the world by storm.

Now, in the aftermath of their final performance together before this indefnite hiatus as the Swedish House Mafia, DAD wanted to take a look back at 10 essential tracks they released as a trio, a way to pay homage to a union that excited so many with their message of love. You'll be missed, but your time together will not be forgotten.

Axwell, Sebastian Ingrosso, and Steve Angello ft. Laidback Luke - "Get Dumb"

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Before the release of "Leave the World Behind," the three members of Swedish House Mafia linked up with a young Laidback Luke for "Get Dumb," which is one of those eyes-closed, head down bangers. It combines a bouncy bass and lovely percussion with some infectious synths and that vocal snippet coaxing you on the floor. The dawn of something immense.

Axwell, Ingrosso, Angello, and Laidback Luke & Deborah Cox - "Leave the World Behind"

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A pure EDM anthem, featuring huge pianos, a soulful vocal from Deborah Cox, and an all-together positive vibe. Something to get truly lost on when you're on the floor.

Swedish House Mafia - "One"

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Simple, yet so effective, "One" is one of those synth-happy, trance-influenced electro house slammers that grabs a hold and doesn't even try to let go. Sometimes you can't go wrong with what works.

Swedish House Mafia ft. Pharrell - "One (Your Name)"

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Fun fact: Pharrell's vocal on "One (Your Name)" were originally for an entirely different track. Some studio experimentation with the vocals over "One" and you've got a certified banger, allowing Pharrell to sound like the singer we always knew he could be.

Swedish House Mafia vs. Tinie Tempah - "Miami 2 Ibiza"

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Tinie likes to experiment, doesn't he? Some have seen this as an odd mixture, but it definitely was interesting to hear SHM get a rapper to kick some distinguished rhymes over their pulsating beats. This also became the Swedish House Mafia's first #1 record on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Songs chart.

Coldplay - "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall (Swedish House Mafia Remix)"

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Separately and as a group, the Swedish House Mafia were dons when it came to remixes, and this Coldplay remix is a perfect example of taking a track that's already gripping and infusing your own sound into it, churning out an even bigger track. Many Coldplay fans might not associate with EDM this obvious, but it's almost undeniable.

Swedish House Mafia - "Save the World"

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While the John Martin vocals on this one went uncredited, the recognition for the track was wildly apparent. 463,000 copies sold in the US, along with a Grammy nomination for Best Dance Recording; this was also the Swedish House Mafia's second consecutive #1 on the Hot Dance Club Songs chart on Billboard.

Swedish House Mafia vs. Knife Party - "Antidote"

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This might be one of the Swedish House Mafia's hardest tracks ever, obviously due to it being a collaboration with Knife Party. This monster of a tune is electro house fury personified. Perfect blending of both of their sounds.

Swedish House Mafia - "Greyhound"

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This one feels a bit more tech-y that their usual output, but that's part of its charm. Instead of the undiluted anthem-bash that you might normally expect, you get a deeper, more intense ride with this one. Definitely feels like the soundtrack to a greyhound race.


Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin - "Don't You Worry Child"

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Huge. There were many great vocal tracks before this, and there are surely ones to come after it. This one? This combination of producers and a dynamic vocal? Simply beautiful. It's a catchy chorus, it hits you in a special place, and we imagine it had tears streaming during their final performance at the Ultra Music Festival. It's also a great swan song to this chapter of the Swedish House Mafia story.

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