Video Shows Brawl Involving 6ix9ine at LAX

Footage has surfaced of 6ix9ine and his crew getting into a brawl at LAX.

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TMZ has released footage of 6ix9ine and his crew getting into a fist fight with a pair of men outside of LAX. According to the outlet, 6ix9ine was going to walk into LAX when someone started shouting at him. After he was inside, a couple of guys confronted the man who was shouting. After some expletives where thrown their way (and, seemingly, at 6ix9ine), a fist was thrown, which turned into a larger scuffle, pitting two guys against 6ix9ine and his crew.

Footage of the fight was caught at another angle, which shows 6ix9ine rushing outside to get involved.

Tekashi 69 was just jumped at LAX.

Story developing....

While there's no official reason regarding why this fight went down, the allegedly Bloods-affiliated 6ix9ine had been arguing online with multiple gang members in Los Angeles over the last week stemming from comments that he didn't need to check in with rival gangs while touring. Word is a number of gang members in Los Angeles threatened 6ix9ine, prompting his shows to be canceled over All-Star Weekend. 6ix9ine stayed throwing shots on social media, and it's quite possible that this friction met him head-on before he left Los Angeles.

Not long after the fight outside of his terminal at LAX, 6ix9ine took to Instagram. "Look at my face, still untouched," he said, and added "we just fought some n*ggas" while promising to upload the footage when he gets it.

According to TMZ, police rushed to the scene and got the story from everyone involved in the fight. As of right now, no one is pressing charges.

Back in January, 6ix9ine was told by a judge that he would face time in prison if he did not pass his GED. This stemmed from his guilty plea in a child sex case, which involved 6ix9ine uploading a video of a 13-year-old girl engaging in sex acts. 6ix9ine has until April 10 to complete his GED.


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