Master P Has His Sights Set on a Billion Dollars With 'Get Money' Video Game

Master P is getting into the world of video games and hopes it brings him a billion dollars.

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While Master P might be known best as the man behind the iconic No Limit Records imprint, the New Orleans-based rapper/mogul has had his feet firmly placed in the world of entrepreneurship since the beginning. He's the kind of guy who flipped $10,000 into $250 million, legally. With his past in turning his interests into huge paydays, you might not want to sleep on his next venture: the world of video games.

Word is that P has been working with a "team of expert programmers and developers" for six years in what'll be "the first African-American minority-owned technology console game," Get Money. P initially tried to get some of the world's top athletes on as investors, but when those plans didn't pan out, he took his money and did it on his own with a number of game developers in Korea. It appeared that, while Grand Theft Auto grossed something like $10 billion in 2015, P wondered, "Why are we not benefitting from this multi-billion dollar industry that has been created off of our lifestyle? We have to expand our mind to technology, it is the new way to sell music.”

If the trailer for Get Money looks familiar, you'd be correct in saying that it looks like some Grand Theft Auto-style gaming, but with P on board, this one could end up being way more authentic. Get Money takes place in the city of New Orleans, which is where Master P was born, raised, and got money in. It's said to give you a look at "modern street culture of music and real life adventures" that only New Orleans could provide you. While Grand Theft Auto V gave you the option of portraying three different characters, Get Money will allow you to tailor the main character, giving you the possibility of being male or female, a villain, cop, hustler, boss, or entertainer (among more, apparently).

"In this game," the press release says, "you’ve got options, you make the right choices, you get the money but if you make the wrong choices, it’s death, jail or destruction just like the real world."

If Get Money sounds like its up your alley, don't fret; the game is said to be hitting consoles, PCs, and mobile apps (with an online multiplayer contingent as well) sometime in 2018. Keep it locked to for more information.

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