Kid Rock Offers Up Opinion Nobody Asked for, Says “F*ck Colin Kaepernick” During Concert

Kid Rock needs to sit down after screaming "f*ck Colin Kaepernick" during a concert.

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Word to the wise: if you're going to insert yourself into this Colin Kaepernik sitting out on the National Anthem controversy, just don't. We've already had idiots like Donald Trump, Tiki Barber, and Kate Upton (among others) speak out on why Kaepernick needs to stop protesting the National Anthem. Mind you, he's protesting a song about a country that gives you the freedom to clap back at what you dislike about the country, but that point is lost on people like Trump...and Kid Rock, as it turns out.

TMZ found some recent concert footage of Kid Rock from this past weekend performing his song "Born Free" where, at one point, he decided to stop singing and just say "f*ck Colin Kaepernick" into the microphone (about 50 seconds into the above video), to a chorus of trash cheers. While Kaepernick is openly protesting a song that is indeed way past it's prime, written by a man who owned seven slaves, Kid Rock is shitting on Kaepernick while singing a song with lyrics like "You can knock me down and watch me bleed / But you can't keep no chains on me." Irony? Or is Kid Rock just that dense? Or is his definition of "freedom" different than Merriam-Webster's?

Kid Rock is the same artist who told Confederate flag protesters to kiss his ass, so no matter how much hip-hop history he might have, he's grown into a pretty stubborn asshole when it comes to equality, it'd seem.

While this video doesn't really expound on it, one has to feel that Kid Rock has the same blind nationalism that many who are against Kaepernick exhibit. That's not to say that you're wrong for being pissed that he isn't standing for the National Anthem–you're well within your rights to do so. Colin's entitled to his opinions and reasoning, though, and at the very least we should be doing more than just blindly saying "f*ck Colin Kaepernick" instead of trying to figure out how we as a nation can rectify the problems that are causing Colin to take said knees instead of standing with his hand over his heart. Like you said, Kid, he was "born free."

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