Ryan Hemsworth Directs the Video for Ehiorobo & Tomggg's 'Feel Ya'

Ryan Hemsworth directed this DVD menu screen-inspired clip for Ehiorobo & Tomggg's new Secret Songs single "Feel Ya."

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Earlier this year, Ryan Hemsworthtold us that outside of his tour and latest album (Elsewhere), he'd be looking to helping usher out emerging talents via his Secret Songs imprint. One such artist is Tomggg, who was featured on Elsewhere's "Special Girl." Today, Hemsworth shares a new music video from Japan's Tomggg and New Jersey's own Ehiorobo, which Hemsworth directed.

The track, "Feel Ya," rides a wave of delicate melodies and upbeat tempos, at times seeming to dwell in the Jersey Club realm. It's beautifully pop-y, and something that is sure to get stuck in your head as you're coasting through the remainder of this year. The video, Hemsworth told us, was "shot between their respective hometowns" and, interestingly enough, "inspired by DVD default menu screens and Blue's Clues." If that ain't peak Hemsworth, I don't know what is.

You can check out the full video up above, and stream the tune below. If this becomes your new anthem, you're welcome.

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