Boosie Badazz Is Absolutely Fed Up With Snow, Offers $1K for Uber to Get Him to Atlanta

Boosie is done with the snowstorm in New Orleans.

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Ever since Boosie Badazz got out of the bing in 2014, he's been learning a lot. Two things he's learned recently was how to snowboard and, earlier this month, how to ice skate. Sadly, neither of these new abilities will help him leave the city of New Orleans, which has been iced over from recent snowstorms to the point where bridges, interstates, and roads have been closed due to icing. This issue means Boosie has apparently been stuck in New Orleans for the last two days, and he's willing to pay $1,000 CASH for someone to get him out of NOLA.

Earlier today, Boosie took his frustrations to Instagram, saying, "I've been stuck in this stupid ass fucking shit for two fucking days, ain't even no fucking real snow out there, motherfuckers!" After calming down, Boosie explains that he'd been trying to get from New Orleans to Atlanta for two days, but it looks like the road conditions even have Uber drivers not driving. "Uber, Lyft, where the FUCK you at, ain't nobody answering the FUCKING phone!"


Boosie offered up $1,000 cash for anyone to slide into his DMs and help him get home. At the time of this writing, that was seven hours ago. Hopefully someone has saved Boosie and got that cash money. No one needs to be stuck in this kind of situation. Ain't even no fucking real snow, dog.

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