B.o.B Wants You to Pay for His Satellites That Will Prove the Earth Is Flat (UPDATE)

No, for real. Stop laughing.

UPDATE 12:05PM 9/27/2017: Not only has B.o.B. contributed $1,000 to his satellite GoFundMe, but he's also increased the amount needed from $200,000 to $1 million. At the time of this writing, the GoFundMe has pulled in $2,811.

Original post below.

Back in 2010, B.o.B released his debut album, The Adventures of Bobby Ray, on T.I.'s Grand Hustle imprint. While I distinctly remembered a cut titled "Satellite" initially being included on the album, it looks like it didn't make the final cut. Truth(ing) be told, we should've known then that B.o.B was a Flat Earther, but it wasn't until January of 2016 that we realized how deep into the Flat Earth theory B.o.B really was... even if it meant getting sonned by Neil DeGrasse Tyson himself.


The last time I honestly remember B.o.B talking about Flat Earth was when he dropped his E.A.R.T.H. mixtape on Earth Day 2016, but it looks like the man formerly known as Bobby Ray has started up a GoFundMe page to try and prove once and for all that this Flat Earth thing is real with the power of satellites. In the above video, he says he's starting this GoFundMe to "send one, if not multiple, satellites, as far into space" as he can "to find the curve," because he's "looking for the curve." That's the curve of the Earth that makes it, you know, round.

At the time of this writing, B.o.B is sitting at a cool $255 raised. His goal is $200,000, though, so hopefully he gets some more backers, although one commenter shared an image from NASA that shows the curve. Maybe B.o.B's next album will be called Show B.o.B the Curve, and this $200K will go to funding his next release.

Or maybe it just takes more time (and more funds) to prove people right (or wrong).

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