What the Hell Is 21 Savage Dropping on June 1?

21 Savage dropped an ominous tweet with a date in June and a grip of swords. What the hell does it mean, though?

There are millions of tweets that hit our timeline. This morning, I woke up to a grip about James Comey being fired from the FBI as well as condolences for the loss of Big Black, but 21 Savage? He was on some other shit. At 6:42 a.m. on Wednesday morning, 21 Savage dropped a seriously vague tweet, featuring the date of June 1, 2017 and a bunch of swords. No, seriously.


What does this mean? Who knows. The 24-year-old Atlanta artist hasn't followed the tweet up with anything, so we're left to speculate on what he will have popping off on the first of June. I'm not one to sit idle, so why not look at how 21 Savage has spent the last few months and try to figure out what this amazingly sharp tweet (see what I did there?) could mean for him going into the next phase of his career.

A new album?

According to 21's pinned tweet, "#IssaAlbum very very soon!" With heads still salivating over 2016'sΒ Savage Mode, the talk has been how he'll cultivate a full-length album. He announced in January that he signed with Epic Records, so at some point he's got to deliver. The problem? June 1, 2017 is a Thursday, not a Friday, so a surprise album release might not be what happens that day (unless he's talking 11 p.m. on a Thursday night). So this could mean 21 would be dropping...

A new single?

Maybe, instead of a full-length album, 21 could be dropping the initial single from the album, with a release-date announcement. Hell, maybe he's shooting a video and everything. It better be a banger, because your boy needs to come out strong for his official album rollout. No better way to own the summer than with a BANGER of an album opener.

A tour?

This might be the worst option for 21 Savage, truth be told. I know show money > music sale money, but he legit just got off his tourIssa Tour with Young M.A and company. This would be underwhelmingΒ for anyone looking for new music, although another summer featuring 21 on tour isn't a terrible problem.

A full-on remix of GZA'sΒ Liquid Swords?

On Nov. 7, 1995, the GZA, a.k.a. the Genius of the Wu-Tang Clan dropped the second solo studio album from the squad,Β Liquid Swords. At that time, 21 Savage would've actually been 3 Savage (as in three years old). I don't know if his family was rocking with the GZA's masterpiece at the time, nor do I know of 21 ever hyping upΒ Liquid Swords, but who knows. Maybe he discovered it for the first time, and was trying to flip "Labels" for the new school. Or wanted to call on D'Angelo to rework "Cold World." Maybe 21 Savage is the newest member of the Wu-Tang Clan.

The possibilities are endless... or they are pretty much laid out here in the words I typed up above. We reached out to a rep for the rapper for any further details. Whatever the case may be, 21 Savage has a date for something, and now has to deliver.Β 

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