Kanye Is Getting His Money Right: Talks Parenthood on Angie Martinez Show

Kanye calls Kim the most beautiful woman of all time as if we would disagree.

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After going on Hot97 to publicly confirm on Angie Martinez's show that he was leaving Nike for Adidas, Kanye also spoke at length about his love for Kim Kardashian and his role as a father.

Kanye is not the least bit shy about expressing his love for Kim, allowing the cameras for Keeping Up With The Kardashians to film his proposal to her but also standing tall when it comes to people who attempt to talk down about her: 


Kanye and Kim also get candid about how their child North has changed their lives. Kanye's role as a provider has made him more protective of North and also made him take into account his monetary status: 


UPDATE: Check out Kanye talking about Kim being the most beautiful woman in the world and how Obama has to say his name to be cool.

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