Dom Kennedy "Get Home Safely" Tracklist & Production Credits

Best Buy let a few copies of "Get Home Safely" go early, and we have the credits to prove it.

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Dom Kennedy's new album Get Home Safely isn't due in Best Buy stores until next Tuesday but some stores have already let some copies loose into the wild and we got our hands on one. Here is the tracklist and production credits:

1. Lets Be Friends (Produced By The Futuristiks)
2. 17 (Produced By The Futuristiks & Larrance of 1500 or Nothin)
3. All Girl Crazy (Produced By The Futuristiks & Nick Brongers)
4. After School (Produced By The Futuristiks & Dammo)
5. If It Don't Make Money f/ Skeme (Produced The Futuristiks & DJ Khalil)
6. Honey Buns Interlude (Produced The Futuristiks & Dave Foreman)
7. Honey Buns f/ KRONDON (Produced The Futuristiks & YuYu)
8. Erica Pt. 2 (Produced By The Futuristiks, DJ Khalil, Dave Foreman & Danny Keys)
9. Black Bentleys (Produced By The Futuristiks & DJ Khalil)
10. Tryna Find My Way (Produced By The Futuristiks)
11. A Intermission For Watts (Produced By The Futuristiks & Preach)
12. South Central Love (Produced By The Futuristiks)
13. Dominic (Produced By DrewByrd)
14. Still Callin f/ TeeFlii (Produced By DrewByrd)
15. Pleeze f/ Nipsey Hussle (Produced By DrewByrd)
16. The Year 5 Theory (Produced By DJ Tech)
17.  A.M.N.I.G.z (Produced Troy NoKA)
18. Nothing Like Me f/ DJ Mustard (Produced By DJ Mustard) 

Get Home Safely drops Oct. 15 on iTunes and Best Buy.

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