A Toronto Raptors Player Dropped Some Hints About an Upcoming Drake Mixtape

Toronto Raptors star DeMar Derozan has spilled the beans.

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It's no secret that Drake is very close to his hometown NBA team, the Toronto Raptors, a relationship that saw him become the Global Ambassador for the team a year ago. Tonight, during NBATV's Fan Night, DeMar Derozan of the Raptors seems to have dropped some hints about a new project that Drake has been working on. In the video, which you can watch here (Skip to the five minute mark), DeMar says that Drake wanted to "give him his new mixtape" which drops in January.

Usually we take these types of rumors in stride, but given how serious Drake is about the relationship he has with the Raptors, there may be a lot of truth to what DeMar said. With this possible mixtape, and the impending release of his new album Views From The Six, Drake could be preparing us for a very hot 2015.

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