50 Cent Talks About Diddy's Arrest, 'Power' and More On Huffington Post

50 reveals why he deleted his posts on Instagram aimed at Diddy.

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50 Cent stopped by the Huffington Post offices today to talk about a number of issues, namely his recent Instagram posts that poked fun of Diddy's arrest for assault. During the lengthy interview, he was candid about his son Sire, and his excitement over the delayed Street King Immortal album which he said he can't wait to release. He also talked about the runaway success of his TV show Power and the recent controversy surrounding actress/host LaLa Anthony's leaked nude scene in the show.

On the topic of Diddy, he explained that he stopped poking fun of him on Instagram because it "stopped being funny" after he was officially charged. "When it's happening, [I'm making fun of the situation like everyone else], but when [he's actually charged] then I pumped the brakes. 50 also mentions that it isn't the first time that a parent has argued with a coach, and that he sympathizes with Diddy and his situation. Check out the interview below.

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